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Creating Solutions with Clients through Strategic Planning

“In order to make progress and create new ways of effectively delivering healthcare, it will become vital to collaborate and work seamlessly across existing disciplines – and even create new disciplines that do not now exist. Stovepipe thinking will lead to extinction.”

- Medical Construction & Design

Healthcare Services

Strategic and Master Facility Planning/ Development/ Facility Operations and Conservation Initiatives/ Program Management

Education Services

Strategic Planning & Master Plan/ Comprehensive Project Implementation/ Budget at Cost of Completion/ Preconstruction through Post-occupancy/ Specialists in complicated, schedule sensitive, technology intensive programs/ Leader in Educational facilities

Our Commitment

Client Education/ Train Staff/ Control Costs/ Minimize Client Risks/ Maximize Asset Value/ Manage details to reach our client's objectives/ Deliver your project as envisioned

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About CPM

Welcome to a different way of thinking about how your building needs are met. Capital Performance Management (CPM) is a company comprised of passionate individuals who bring decades of experience in developing solutions to adapt to changes that technology has had and will have on your business and the built environment. From their extensive experience, the individuals that are CPM found the way managers evaluate facility capacities and manage their building programs are based primarily on historic use that was a 1960’s solution for space. That belief and the way forward are captured in the CPM mission, which is to create environments that adapt to the rate of change, promotes efficiencies in space utilization, improves the working conditions of your staff and optimizes your capital investment in traditional “bricks and mortar”, traditionally a non-core business line of our clients. CPM’s Optimal Approach conserves our client’s capital and maximizes their efficient delivery of services. The vision for how this mission can be realized is summarized in our name: "Transforming building needs by helping our clients reduce Capital costs through more efficient utilization of resources; Focusing on Performance and outcomes that support customer needs, and; Developing a Management structure for sustainable growth."

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