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Capital Facilities Assessment and Pre-bond Service

Capital Performance Management has assisted other school districts like yours in determining the condition of their existing facilities and the impact the facility conditions imposed on learning in the 21st century. Our analysis is unbiased, well documented, and supported with costs and alternatives as the initial step to gain community support of a successful bond program. As part of our support role, Capital Performance Management will provide you the documentation, costs, and options to present to the community.

Our assessments consider:

  • Age of the facility.
  • Condition of the infrastructure required to provide heat, cooling, power, lighting, communications and connectivity.
  • Current and future operational and maintenance costs.
  • Adaptability of the existing space to meet the educational demands of the 21st
  • All viable options and associative costs.
  • Assistance in selecting the best possible design entity for your specific project.

Pre-bond services are composed of:

  • Assisting the district developed an achievable program.
  • Defining the project scope and budget.
  • Examining alternative concepts to address program needs.
  • Developing cost models that support decision.
  • Supporting the Board in conveying facts and information to the community stakeholders.

Throughout the pre-bond period, Capital Performance Management will support your need for continued educational excellence through improvements to your existing facilities or the construction of new or expanded facilities. Our openness, professionalism, and integrity are an asset in instilling confidence in your bond initiative.