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Master Planning

Capital Performance Management has developed master planning services that supplement but do not duplicate those provided by an architect. They are crafted to provide an education owner the basis for:

  • Understanding the potential and deficiencies of the current education facility or facilities.
  • Integrating strategic, business, educational and operational needs into a comprehensive facility plan that addresses the district and community needs for a 21st century learning environment.
  • Developing a functional program to define a project that supports your educational goals and objectives.
  • Implementing a bond budget that is realistic and obtainable.
  • Selecting a design team for the project that best reflects your vision, educational needs and long-term adaptability for what is constructed.
  • Representing the viewpoint of the Board, district, learners and educators to the community in a transparent and open manner.

Our master planning efforts focus on:

  • Historical Data.
  • Operational Costs.
  • Efficiencies.
  • Optimal use of available real estate including land and built space.
  • The detail needed to make informed decisions.
  • Understanding the educational model and how the facility can support it.