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Construction Management as Agent

Capital Performance Management is not simply a construction firm offering construction management. Instead we offer professional management applied to the planning, design, and construction of projects from the inception to completion to control time, scope, cost and quality.” As the Owner’s agent, we advise and manage the process but do not self-perform design or construction activities. Our approach applies management techniques and expertise tailored specifically to you and the unique needs of your project.

Under this system we represent your interest at every stage of the project. Capital Performance Management’s comprehensive construction management service begins with the original concept and project definition. It then optimizes the level of services and advocacy to meet your expectations and deliver a successful project without compromise or surprise.

While our construction management services can be applied to any size project or project delivery methodology, it is best suited to medium or large project, and/or ones that require a chessboard of moves to implement.

Typically, our agency construction management services consist of three distinct phases:

  • Pre-construction.
  • Construction.
  • Post construction.

Capital Performance Management provides input regarding costs, schedules, constructability, and value management to you and your design professionals during pre-construction. We also prepare and develop a detailed scope of construction services by trade package to incorporate into the architect’s contract documents.

Capital Performance Management’s construction services coordinate the individual trade contracts held by the owner and concentrate on processes, procedures, and management of the:

  • Contract administration.
  • Quality.
  • Time.
  • Cost.

Capital Performance Management’s role does not end when construction is complete. When construction is completed our focus shifts to key tasks often overlooked but essential to client satisfaction and a successful project conclusion. These include:

  • Assurance that all training is successfully completed.
  • Operational peak performance.
  • Warranty documentation.
  • Maintenance procedures.
  • Operational and maintenance documentation of all components.
  • Identification and resolution of outstanding issues.
  • Post occupancy interviews to assure everything is functioning as envisioned and planned.

Our clients benefit significantly from using Capital Performance Management as their construction manager as agent. Benefits include:

  • Maximum owner advocacy throughout the project.
  • Early budget input/ continued control throughout the project.
  • Faster and more controlled schedule delivery.
  • Comprehensive scope descriptions to assure completeness of costs.
  • Increased competition in bidding and greater certainty in the award of trade contracts.
  • Rigorous review and coordination of components to minimize conflicts.
  • Attention to detail and quality that results in a superior end product.