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Education Construction

We understand that a school is the heart of every community and that these buildings will serve multi-generational learners for decades. As stewards of the public trust, each school board needs to be able to entrust its construction to a partner that embraces the needs of educational delivery, adaptability over time, and budget control.

Capital Performance Management recognizes the demands that dynamically changing educational models exert, the impact of technology on learning, and has a proven history of successfully delivered projects.

Consider the quality and success of the projects delivered when selecting a construction specialist to help with your education project. As your professional we bring the ability to listen and balance the expectations of the board, community, learners, and educators with the available budget. We know that collaboration and innovation are essential in meeting these expectations and delivering an adaptable project that with serve generations of future learners.

Capital Performance Management has proven to our education clients that we are:

  • A viable contributor who understands and can assist you in evaluating educational models and develop strategies to maximize learning achievement in new and existing schools.
  • A professional who understands the trends, developments and evolving aspects of educational delivery and the need for accountability for a successful program.
  • A leader capable of asking difficult questions and taking a long view of the program or project.
  • A construction specialist focused solely on your success.
  • A trusted resource in providing accurate and complete information to the community.